Singing Telegram Options



1. Any serious singing gram you want, your requested song, and the delivery of a red rose to the special someone. 

2. Comedic Singing Tele-gram with a short skit. You tell us about the person and we write it into song and rhyme using different song templates we have. 

3. We chose a medley of songs that apply to them and sing through them. with harmonies. Can be be combo of serious/touching/comedic 

Pirate and Princess Skit Option One

 He comes as Jack Sparrow and I as Princess Belle. Belle is coming to "The Ball" and he wanders in appearing drunk…they banter and end up singing together about the guest of honor. This one is cheesy, comedic, and about 10 minutes long- this is our most requested singing gram.)  

Pirate and Princess Skit Two

  Captain Jack and Princess Leia  (Star Wars).  We both arrive at the party on different "Ships" and try to work together to sing for the guest of honor. Same type of format as listed above. Comedic 

Prince Riding On A Unicorn

 A Prince Riding an Inflatable Unicorn, with generic Princess. Both over-dramatic, and a cheesy story-book character types.  

Loretta The Gorilla

 This 6 foot Sassy Ape comes dressed in an 80's style rainbow tutu and scarf.  Will happily serenade...or scare the guest of honor.  

Santa's Elves

 Santa's Elves are dancing and prancing around the guest of honor with a coming with a message and song.