Themed Concerts

Cinema Classics


 90 Minute Concert

This program features some of the best songs ever recorded for Hollywood  movies and also includes Broadway musical favorites that made their way to film.  Flowing through the decades singing songs made popular by artists  such as: Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Julie Andrews, Barbra Streisand, Michael Crawford and many more.  We also includes various facts and trivia about the show-tunes performed. 

20th Century's Greatest Love Songs


90 Minute Concert 

In this program Tristan and Anne will sing through some of the most treasured love songs of all time.   Songs will cover multiple decades and genres so there's something for everybody to love.  From the crooning love songs of the 40's to the heart ache songs of early rock n roll to the classic love ballads in the 1980s.  We might even throw in some show-tunes!

Best Of Broadway


90 Minute Concert 

Do you love the music of Broadway? So do we! That's why we developed a program solely featuring the Broadway hits with everything from Rodgers and Hammerstein up through the favorite musicals of Andrew Loyd Webber.  This concert will also offer a recapping of each musical we review through music. 

Songs Of Life


90 Minute Concert

A Musical Journey Through Life's Stories of Love, Loss, Hopes, and Dreams

This concerts features songs from multiple genres and explores the seasons of life that we all go through.  You will hear some songs that we include in our other concerts in addition to other favorites such as Frank Sinatra's "My Way" to Sondhiem's "Send In The Clowns".  You will also hear the tight harmonies from some Everly Brothers songs, and duet versions to songs you may have only heard as solos in the past.   Join us on the journey and be inspired by the music that gets us through each season of life. 

Patriotic Concert


60 Minutes

Our Patriotic Concert includes not only some of the best songs about America, but also some readings and historical quotes by presidents in the past. In addition to that there are a few inspirational pieces thrown into the mix. This is a concert were we also invite the audiences to sing along with us on several of the songs. 

Holiday Concerts


We have special concerts for each of these Holidays:

Easter (Inspirational Hymns and Folk Songs) 

Saint Patrick‘s Day ( A tribute to Celtic Music and Ireland) 

-Memorial Day, Forth of July  & Veteran’s Day  (Patriotic concert)



Winter Holidays 

For Christmas we offer both Victorian Christmas Caroling or Winter Holiday Standards.  Please see our other page for more information about Victorian Caroling. 

Jazz Standards/Background Music



1-2 Hours

Ideal for locations and parties that would like live music performances that is has some gentle pieces mixed with a few upbeat standards. These  would include many covers by artists such as: Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crobsy, Rosemary Clooney, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, Diana Krall, Michael Buble, Celine Dion, James Taylor, and Elton John etc