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Music For Your Wedding


Traditional or Themed, We Can Do Either!

Your wedding is a day that only comes once, and that’s why choosing the right music is so vital.  As an event planner and musician, Anne is able to help guide you through any questions you have about themed wedding music, or traditional favorites etc... When you work with the Martin Duo as your performers, they will be able to dress in a style that fits your wedding, suggest music that fits your theme. Chose from the 200+ songs we already know, or we can learn new songs if needed.  Whether you are just looking for 1-2 songs, or cocktail hour entertainment, or vocalists to work alongside another band.  We can work out the details with you.  We also own and can provide a sound system for your ceremony.  

Please see pricing below.    

Prelude & Ceremony Music

Includes: up to 5 songs of your choice and Includes same day rehearsal, soundcheck prior to the start of the wedding.  The Martin Duo can perform with:

A Soundtrack

A Band

An Accompanist of your choice 

Cost: $400 


~New Music/ Learning Fee~ *$50 per new song learned 

~Sound System Set Up~ Early arrival, sound system rental, use of microphones/speakers for officiant and other musicians * $100 extra 

~Travel Fees~ *.50 cents a mile outside of Sarasota County

Cocktail Hour Music For Reception

Cocktail Hour Music:

Includes: Up to 18 songs of your choice sung in harmonies by the Martin Duo.  

We can provide our own accompaniment or we can collaborate with any band you've already chosen for the reception. 

Cost: $500 plus .50 cents a mile outside of Sarasota County 

(This package includes sound system) 

Prelude, Ceremony, and Cocktail Hour Package

Those wishing to have the Martin Duo provide music for the Prelude, Ceremony, and Cocktail Hour will receive a discounted package price. 

Cost: $800 


Sound System Use For Wedding and Cocktail Hour 

Ceremony Music/Vocals 

Up to 18 Love Songs During Cocktail Hour

MC-Ing The Wedding Party's Arrival At The Reception

(*Note* We Do Not DJ  Full Receptions At This Time) 

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